Your Guide To Renters Insurance

Your Guide To Renters Insurance

Do You Have The Coverage You Need In Your Rental?

When you move into your first apartment, you may assume that you do not need to secure insurance because your landlord has an insurance policy for your building. Unfortunately, while your landlord’s coverage does protect your building, it does not protect the personal possessions in your unit. In the event of fire or theft, would you be able to replace all of your property?

If not, you should secure renters insurance. The amount of renters insurance you need will equal the sum total of your property. To determine how much renters insurance to secure, create a home inventory. This means that you will make a list of every item you own. To be thorough, you should take a picture of each item and collect receipts or credit card statements so that you can verify its value should you need to file a claim for reimbursement. When you finish your home inventory, you will have a clear picture of the amount of renters insurance you need.

To keep your home inventory safe, store it either at a location away from your rental or online. That way, should something happen to your apartment you will have a clear list to help you rebuild.

If cost has been your primary obstacle to securing renters insurance, do not worry. These policies are extremely affordable, usually costing twenty dollars or less per month. For that small price, you can have peace of mind knowing you would be able to preserve your quality of life in the face of a disaster.

Whether it is your first time securing renters insurance or you are a long-time insured renter shopping around for the best policy at the best price, contact Tri-Star Insurance Professionals in Plano, Texas. Our team of expert agents is here to help you understand your renters insurance needs and provide you with a policy to comprehensively meet them.