Younger Renters Not Insured, Risking Thousands of Dollars, Study Says

Most renters aged 24 to 34 are not getting renters insurance, reports a new national survey. The survey respondents claimed that their biggest fears were losing all of their possessions to fire or theft. Those who have renters insurance know that their policies can replace much of their possessions from causes like fire or theft.

Why No Insurance?

There are many misconceptions about renters insurance which may be preventing younger renters from getting the insurance that they so clearly need. Many renters are unaware that, no matter what their age or circumstance, they may qualify for discounts. Talking to the insurance company may help save money in the long run.

The $5,000 Gamble

Survey respondents estimated that replacing all of their possessions (not counting vehicles) would cost an average of $5,000. By not getting renters insurance now, renters are gambling about $5,000 that they can’t afford should their possessions get stolen or damaged in a fire.

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