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Why You Should Get Your Flu Shot

Winter brings the ruthlessness of the flu, and the flu shot is your best bet in fighting this virus. 

Brace yourselves: Influenza is coming. It’s true you can get the flu anytime during the year, but the fall and winter create the ideal environment for them to thrive. Luckily, we have the power of vaccines to help us fight against this virus. Many people don’t see the point in the flu vaccine, but it may end up saving you or someone you know a trip to the hospital. Here are a few reasons why you should get your flu vaccine.

What is the flu vaccine? 

Your body fights viruses by creating antibodies. The vaccine helps your body create these antibodies by giving you a weakened or dead version of the virus allowing your immune system to create these antibodies and become resistant quickly.

Why get the flu vaccine? 

The obvious reason is to become immune to the flu virus that you’re most likely to get this flu season. Medical professionals calculate which virus will be the dominant one that sweeps the nation and create a vaccination against that strain of influenza. This is why you still could get sick even if you do get the vaccination–you simply contracted another strain.
The less obvious reason is for herd immunity. There are members of our community–typically young toddlers or senior citizens–who cannot medically receive their vaccination because of a weakened immune system. Those that are healthy enough to do so act as a sort of shield protecting them from the virus. If we can’t get sick, neither can they.

Do vaccines cause autism?

No. Vaccines do not cause autism.

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