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Why High Value Home Insurance is Different Than Standard Home Coverage

What makes high value home insurance special?

If you own a luxury home, have expensive home upgrades, or own many high value items, then a high value home insurance policy might be right for you.  Curious to find out what makes high value home insurance special?  Then here are some of the unique coverages that this type of policy offers.

  • Sewer Backup Coverage

Should a sewer or drain encounter a blockage that causes sewage or other debris to back up into your home, then this would cause significant damage to your home and your belongings.  While standard home insurance policies exclude coverage for these types of damage, high value home policies automatically include this protection.

  • Demand Surge Coverage

In widespread disasters, such as earthquakes or wildfires, many homes can sustain damage.  This can lead to a higher demand for building materials and labor, causing an increase in price that will affect the cost of rebuilding your home.  Fortunately, high value home insurance offers demand surge coverage, which will offer higher coverage limits to address this increased cost.

  • Electronic Data Coverage

Should you become a target for identity theft, then your electronic files and data may be compromised.  Many high value home insurance policies offer electronic data coverage, which will cover the cost of restoring digital files and other expenses related to identity theft.

  • Extended Coverages

Typically, high value home insurance policies offer higher limits for standard home coverages.  For instance, your high value home policy will offer significantly higher dwelling, personal liability, personal possession, and loss of use coverage limits than a standard home policy.

This is just a brief overview of what makes high value home insurance special.  Are you interested in learning more about this specialized form of coverage?  If so, then contact the experts at Tri-Star Insurance/HUB International in Plano, Texas.  We are ready to assist you with all your home coverage needs today.