What Can Make Life Insurance More Costly?

Many individuals shy away from life insurance coverage due to the cost. By avoiding factors that increase life insurance premiums, you can obtain coverage at a reasonable rate. Here are five offenders that can result in higher policy costs: 

1. Smoking puts you at risk of contracting cancer and dying, making you a higher risk for life insurance, resulting in higher costs. 

2. Obesity can lead to heart trouble, high blood pressure and other ailments that can endanger your life, raising policy costs. 

3. If your cholesterol levels are out of control, you can expect to pay more for life coverage. By controlling your condition with medications, you may escape a rise in cost.

4. Drug or alcohol abuse increases the risk of contracting terminal diseases, resulting in higher life premium costs.

5. Dangerous hobbies such as motorbike racing, skydiving and rock climbing increase probability of accidents and death, which increases the cost of life coverage. 

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