The Thanksgiving Road Trip Survival Guide | Auto Insurance in Plano, TX

The Thanksgiving Road Trip Survival Guide

A road trip sounds like a fun idea, but doing it on a holiday, like Thanksgiving, can make for an incredibly stressful drive.

Road trips are typically fun when you’re flying down the road with very few cars in sight. Taking road trips on holidays, however, can lead to a lot of stress and unwanted road rage. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays; everyone is in a rush to get to their family as quick as possible. Take some tips from the Thanksgiving Road Trip Survival Guide to stay sane on your holiday road trip. Especially without auto insurance in Plano, TX.

The Thanksgiving Road Trip Survival Guide

Never follow the crowd. Depending on how far you have to travel, you may consider leaving on the day of the holiday. Everyone has already made the trip, and the roads will be emptier. If you have to drive for very long hours, or even days, leave on Tuesday and return the following Monday.

Bring a car and auxiliary chargers. Everyone is on their phones these days and batteries aren’t eternal. So if you’re in charge of the music or just want extra battery life, connect your device to the car charger (or external battery pack) to make sure you’re connected at all times. (Also, be courteous and share!)

Take frequent stops. You should not drive for more than three hours without taking a break and stretching your legs. Consider switching drivers at every stop; driving is a rather tedious activity that can slowly chip away at your sanity.

Bring a good book. You (hopefully and shouldn’t) drive the entire way there. When you’re a passenger, and there’s some downtime, a good book can be an excellent way to pass the time.

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