Is Your Boat Insured?

It's the end of the summer and time to put away your favorite water vessel until next year. But, responsible boat ownership goes beyond keeping your vessel in good repair and operating it safely. You also need to make sure that you have adequate watercraft insurance. And, even though summer is over, it makes sense to maintain your boat insurance policy all year. Even when you aren't using your boat, it can be subject to many of the same risks that face homeowners and car-owners. During transportation and storage, there is still the potential for things to go wrong. You can be held responsible Read Full Post

Back To School Safety Tips

When summer comes to an end, it means it’s time to go back to school! Back to school means new friends, teachers, and maybe a new school, but for parents it signals a time to update your child on school and transportation safety. There are several safety tips that you can follow in order to protect your children during the school year. One major concern that many parents have is transportation safety. For the children who have to ride the bus to and from school, there are a few safety precautions that parents, as well as children, can take. Transportation safety includes children who walk Read Full Post

Put Those Summer Veggies To Use

If you grow a vegetable garden in your backyard, put your summer veggies to use in a variety of ways that appeal to every person's palate. Even if you do not grow your own garden, buy a variety of vegetables at a local farmer's market in Plano. Create intriguing salads that include Romaine lettuce, baby lettuce, cherry tomatoes, thinly shredded zucchini, baby carrots and purple cabbage. Serve your salad with a simple homemade dressing consisting of extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice and a touch of sea salt, to create an award winning salad. Cook a pot of brown rice, and add grilled Read Full Post

Infographic: Texas Life Expectancy, By County

When it comes to calculating the cost of health insurance, life expectancy is always a factor. Different counties throughout Texas have different life expectancies. This is calculated based upon the average population in terms of physical activity, obesity, and overall level of health. The University of Washington conducted a study of all of the counties in Texas. Denton, McKinney, Rosenberg, Taylor, and Austin have the highest life expectancy at 80 + years. Regional results were seen as well. The counties to the far east that borders Louisiana have the lowest life expectancy including Read Full Post

100 Acres of Animal Excitement and Wonder at the Dallas Zoo and Aquarium

Outside Plano Texas, in the cascading city known as Dallas, lies some complacent and eccentric sites for zoos and aquatic life. The Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park is host to approx. 375 different species of marine animals. Manatees, crocodiles, and hundreds of diverse and elegant fish wander these grounds in massive sprawling tanks visible from above and below. Few aquariums stack up to the sheer volume of the Dallas Aquarium, which also includes educational tours, group discounts, and animal feeding stations. The aquarium is naturally located near the Dallas Zoo, as visitors to the area Read Full Post