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The Thanksgiving Road Trip Survival Guide | Auto Insurance in Plano, TX

Oct 20 , 2016

by Tri-Star Blogging Team

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The Thanksgiving Road Trip Survival Guide

A road trip sounds like a fun idea, but doing it on a holiday, like Thanksgiving, can make for an incredibly stressful drive. Road trips are typically fun when you're flying down the road with very few cars in sight. Taking road trips on holidays, however, can lead to a lot of stress and unwanted road rage. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays; everyone is in a rush to get to their family as quick as possible. Take some tips from the Thanksgiving Road Trip Survival Guide to stay sane on your holiday road trip. Especially without auto insurance in Plano, TX. The Thanksgiving Road Trip Read Full Post

How to Have a Successful Road Trip with Kids

Family vacations can be a great experience, not only for the place that you are going, but for the journey on the way. They can also be the source of frustration, distraction, and can compromise the safety of your own family if they aren't handled properly. When you're driving long distances with children, keeping them occupied is key. Bored kids are more likely to fight with one another, whine, or kick the back seat in attempts to gain attention from their parent who really needs to focus on driving. Before you set out, it's important to set yourself up for success. Avoid feeding your kids Read Full Post