Plano Auto Insurance

Oct 16 , 2015

by Tri-Star Blogging Team

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Who Does Your Plano Auto Insurance Cover?

Understanding the people your Plano auto insurance policy protects. You’re a good friend, and you want to be there for the people in your life when they’re in need. As a result, when a trusted friend asks for the keys to your car for an errand, you’re probably inclined to hand them over. You’re feeling great about doing a good deed, until the phone rings and you discover your friend’s been in an accident behind the wheel of your car. What now? We want you to be able to handle this scenario with calm and clarity, so we’ve put together this guide on who your Plano auto insurance Read Full Post

Questions to Ask About Renter’s Insurance

Whether you already live in Plano, Texas or you're planning to move to the area, understanding the importance of renters insurance can save you money as well as provide peace of mind. Renters make up a large portion of households from singles and roommate situations to couples and families. To ensure each household is protected from unforeseen accidents, emergencies and disasters, renter's insurance is a valuable investment. Some of the most frequently asked questions about renter's insurance include: What types of coverage does a renter's insurance policy offer and what exactly is Read Full Post

Three Questions To Ask About Car Insurance

Even if you have been relying on car insurance to protect you and your vehicle, there are likely a few things that you don't know yet. Understanding how the insurance plans work and how they have changed recently ensures that you avoid costly mistakes. Do I Have Comprehensive Coverage (And Do I Need It?) Comprehensive coverage is the only way to protect yourself against vandalism, damage from trees, and other forms of non-accident related damage. New cars usually require it due to lending rules, but drivers often switch to collision only coverage later. How Much Will I Receive For A Totaled Read Full Post

Affordable Care Act: Common Questions Answered

The Affordable Care Act has provided a lot of confusion for people. In order to feel more comfortable with it and understand what it offers, it's helpful to be familiar with the answers to common questions about it. 1. What if you need insurance coverage before January of 2014? If you need insurance coverage before the first of the year, you'll need to get it privately. The exchanges will allow you to sign up, but they won't provide any actual coverage until 2014. Don't assume you're already covered just because you signed up. 2. What if I choose not to sign up for coverage? If you decide Read Full Post