How You Can Pick the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Jul 18 , 2016

by Tri-Star Blogging Team

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How You Can Pick the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing a helmet is important if you are riding a motorcycle, and you need to pick the right one! For decades, motorcycles have been a symbol of rebellion and free spirit. While many riders love that aspect of their bikes, it’s important that safety is practiced for the continuation of this lifestyle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are way more likely to be involved in a traffic accident. Without the protection that a car offers it leaves your body and head exposed to other cars and the pavement. Here are some tips you should consider when Read Full Post

Unique motorist? 7 Vehicles That Can and Should be Insured

When it comes to auto insurance, most people automatically think of cars and trucks. There are, however, several miscellaneous types of personal vehicles that can, and should, be insured. Some are covered under your standard auto policy to some extent, while others are not covered at all. For instance, a trailer is covered under your auto policy for liability but not for physical damages. If you have a motorcycle or motor home, it needs to be insured just like any other motor vehicle. Classic automobiles should also be insured. It may surprise you to know that a dune buggy, snowmobiles and Read Full Post