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Should You Rethink Your Life Insurance Coverage?

A life insurance policy is designed to provide some financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your death. Once you have established a policy, you may feel that you no longer need to think about it. Individuals often just continue to pay the premiums without thinking about the original coverage provided and how their needs have changed. Reasons for Changing Your Life Insurance Policy A change in the number of family members should make you look at your insurance coverage. The birth or adoption of a child means more financial resources will be needed. You also need to look at Read Full Post

Reasons Why Young People Should Get Life Insurance

Life insurance is not just for older individuals. If you are younger, you may believe that you are invincible and life insurance is not for you. Young people could benefit from life insurance, and we have listed some of the reasons here. More affordable.  The younger you are when you purchase life insurance, the cheaper it will be.  Companies will adjust the cost of coverage for those who are healthy. If you have people depending on you.  If you are married, have children, or your parents depend on you for income, you should have life insurance.  This protection can Read Full Post

Some Life Insurance Myths

There are a lot of myths about life insurance. Before you buy your next policy here are some of them to consider: I don’t need life insurance if I am young and healthy. The best time to get life insurance is when you are young and healthy. Rates are at their lowest and your good health helps assure your insurability. I should work with several agents. In reality, you may be better off working with one agent who can work with multiple companies. By working with one agent, he can better understand your needs. Because an independent agent can work with many companies, he can Read Full Post

6 Fictional Character Who Could Have Used Life Insurance

Too many Texas residents are going about life without having any life insurance in place because they erroneously believe that buying one is like tempting fate. Quite the contrary. Consider these six fictional characters from books and television:    "Weeds" characters Nancy and Judah- Becoming a widow or widower is challenging enough emotionally, but without life insurance it can become a financial burden. If Nancy's husband had left her with some insurance money, she'd be able to get by without her questionable new Read Full Post

Why You Should Have Life Insurance!

Having life insurance shouldn't be considered a luxury; it should be a necessity. No, it won't directly benefit you, but it will make life a whole lot easier for your loved ones. Among the benefits of life insurance are that it: Covers Final Expenses- If you can only afford a small amount of life insurance at the moment, do it for this benefit alone. Funeral and burial costs are rising every year, and if you haven't set money aside to cover them, it will be a huge blow to your family's budget when they have to come up with the cash. Expect your final expenses to be between $10,000 and Read Full Post

College Teens: Do they need life insurance?

A person’s first thought is that their teen definitely does not need life insurance. The opposite is true, however. More specifically, parents can make sure they are covered financially should their teen pass unexpectedly. While this seems to be a morbid way to think, the fact is that college is not cheap and sometimes things happen in life that no one can predict and that are completely unexpected. There are some startling facts that parents should consider when thinking about getting a life insurance policy for their teen. Studies have shown that roughly 2/3 of college graduates finish Read Full Post