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Sep 7 , 2015

by Tri-Star Blogging Team

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The Real Price of Having No Insurance

If you have no health insurance, for whatever reason, you should know the risks! Life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance are all services that get pushed onto the backburner for those who don’t think that their budget can stretch to it. While it can be morbidly unpleasant to think about the future, death, or long term illness, it should not be completely ignored. Before you put insurance on the ‘when I have more income’ list, or the ‘think of it later’ list, consider the risks of being uninsured first. Life Without Life Insurance Life insurance covers Read Full Post

Top Five Dangerous Sports

Most Americans believe that because they have adequate health insurance they have covered themselves from all of the nasty curve balls that life can throw them. This is a big mistake. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 4.1 million emergency room visits each year are not attributed to sickness, but rather accidents related to recreational sports played by kids and adults across the U.S. Most people do not realize how dangerous some of our favorite recreation pastimes can actually be. Being aware of some of these dangers can help you better protect your active lifestyle. Read Full Post