Is Contractor Liability Insurance A Good Idea For Your Project?

Nov 28 , 2014

by Tri-Star Blogging Team

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Is Contractor Liability Insurance A Good Idea For Your Project?

If you are looking to start a home improvement or building project, chances are you are considering hiring a contractor. Before you do, you should make sure the contractor and the workers are protected with contractor liability insurance. Here we have gathered some frequently asked questions about contractor liability insurance and answered them for you! Why does my contractor need insurance? Worker’s compensation insurance and an employer’s liability insurance will not protect you from liability for a contract worker. If your contractor does not have his own liability insurance, and the Read Full Post

What Can Make Life Insurance More Costly?

Many individuals shy away from life insurance coverage due to the cost. By avoiding factors that increase life insurance premiums, you can obtain coverage at a reasonable rate. Here are five offenders that can result in higher policy costs:  1. Smoking puts you at risk of contracting cancer and dying, making you a higher risk for life insurance, resulting in higher costs.  2. Obesity can lead to heart trouble, high blood pressure and other ailments that can endanger your life, raising policy costs.  3. If your cholesterol levels are out of control, you can expect to pay more Read Full Post

Billion Dollar Disasters

Each year, extreme weather hits the United States and costs homeowners and taxpayers billions. Here are two of the worst in recent memory. Hurricane Sandy The most destructive Atlantic hurricane in 2012, Sandy proved to also be the second-most expensive natural disaster in United States history. Making landfall in New York City and the northeast coast on October 29, Sandy dumped billions of gallons of water, flooding streets as well as subway tunnels. Sandy killed seventy people, left tens of millions without electrical power, and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, going on to incur Read Full Post