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Does Dorm Living Require Renters Insurance?

Considering Plano, TX Renters Insurance For Dorm Possessions

When your son or daughter gets ready to head off to college, you want to set him or her up for success. That means you have probably spent more than your fair share of time in your local box store, picking out bedspreads, reading lamps, dorm room décor, and more. With all of the time and money you have invested in prepping your student for college, you want to protect it.

You may be wondering if you need Plano, TX renters insurance to cover your new college student’s dorm room belongings. Here is a quick look.     

We have good news for you! If your college student will be moving into a dorm, you do not need to take out additional coverage to protect his or her possessions. Your homeowners insurance will extend its protection to your student’s room as long as he or she is living on campus.

Of course, the same causes that are covered by your homeowners insurance will be applicable in your student’s dorm room. That means that the most common risk he or she will face—theft—is covered. There may be some limits, though. Talk to your insurance provider to learn how they cap coverage for dorm possessions (e.g. 10 percent of your home’s personal property coverage).

These rules are only applicable for dorm living. Once your student transitions out of on-campus housing, you will need a separate renters insurance policy to protect his or her belongings.

You have enough to worry about with getting your son or daughter ready for this important life transition. Let the experts handle adjusting your policies for you! To work with a team who will make sure your coverage keeps up with your changing life, contact Tri-Star Insurance Professionals in Plano, Texas today.

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