Renters Insurance Plano TX

The Importance Of Purchasing Renters Insurance In Plano, TX

Renters Insurance 101

Are you a new renter? Do you move homes often, making renting the most optimal choice for your situation? As a renter, it is important that you understand your responsibility in protecting your rented space fully. We understand that there are an abundance of common misconceptions surrounding this insurance policy, which is why we have compiled a list of renters insurance facts so that you can become an informed and covered renter.

Facts About Renters Insurance In Plano, TX:

  • If you move often, you may assume that it is unnecessary to purchase a renters insurance policy because you will just have to buy a new one with your new rented space. If you remain in the same state with each move, your insurer will likely allow the coverage to travel with you to your new home. Therefore, it is not necessary to push off this vital purchase.
  • Many people assume that renters insurance is just as expensive as homeowners insurance or auto insurance, but this is not true. Renters insurance is extremely affordable, typically costing less than $18 each month. When you consider the amount of protection these policies provide, it is well worth skipping a few latte drinks from the local coffee shop.
  • Are you one of the many individuals who overlooks the importance of the coverage renters insurance provides? Despite popular belief, renters insurance covers more than just your personal belongings. These policies also provide you with much-needed liability protection.
  • The most important thing to understand as a renter is that your landlord’s insurance coverage will not provide you with enough protection. In fact, it will only cover shared premises and the building itself, not your personal liability or personal possessions.

Contact Tri-Star Insurance Professionals in Plano for all of your Texas renters insurance needs. We will be your guiding hand in securing the right renters insurance in Plano, TX so that you and your loved ones can be properly protected in your rented space.