Questions to Ask About Renter’s Insurance

Whether you already live in Plano, Texas or you’re planning to move to the area, understanding the importance of renters insurance can save you money as well as provide peace of mind.

Renters make up a large portion of households from singles and roommate situations to couples and families. To ensure each household is protected from unforeseen accidents, emergencies and disasters, renter’s insurance is a valuable investment. Some of the most frequently asked questions about renter’s insurance include:

  • What types of coverage does a renter’s insurance policy offer and what exactly is covered?
  • If my personal possessions are limited and not expensive, is it necessary, or cost effective, to purchase renter’s insurance?
  • Aren’t my property and my personal possessions covered by the landlord’s insurance?
  • Is it necessary to carry personal liability insurance?
  • What about my computer? Is it covered?

To help you decide the type and amount of coverage needed to ensure your personal property and possessions, contact Tri-Star Insurance Professionals, Inc. Serving the Plano, Texas community, our knowledgeable staff is standing by ready to answer the above questions and address any concerns you may have with thorough, in-depth, and detailed information applicable to your individual rental situation.