How You Can Pick the Right Motorcycle Helmet

How You Can Pick the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing a helmet is important if you are riding a motorcycle, and you need to pick the right one!

For decades, motorcycles have been a symbol of rebellion and free spirit. While many riders love that aspect of their bikes, it’s important that safety is practiced for the continuation of this lifestyle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are way more likely to be involved in a traffic accident. Without the protection that a car offers it leaves your body and head exposed to other cars and the pavement. Here are some tips you should consider when picking your motorcycle helmet!

Protection Features

Above all else, your helmet needs to have the ability to best protect your head.

  • The outer shell – Usually made of fiber-reinforced materials which allows the material to contract and lessen the blow during an impact.
  • Impact-absorbing liner – Usually made from Styrofoam, this layers absorbs the shock and deflects the force away from your brain.
  • Comfort padding – The layer that actually touches your head helps the helmet fit snugly on your head.

Types of Helmets

  • Full-face helmet – As the name suggests, this helmet covers the full face and head and typically includes a face shield to protect the eyes.
  • Three-quarter helmet – This does not include a movable face shield, and it’s recommended that one buy a face shield to protect the face (your money maker!).
  • Half-helmet – This helmet simply protects the top of your head. It’s typically for bicycle riders and shouldn’t be on your motorcycle-riding head.

When it comes to purchasing a helmet, make sure it has the DOT sticker which means it’s approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation and thoroughly tested for impact, penetration, retention, and peripheral vision.

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