Life Insurance Plano TX

Finding An Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy

Hunting Down Your Plano, TX Life Insurance

After your loved one passes away, you have to enter a difficult season of transition. Fortunately, a life insurance policy can help ease the financial portion of adjusting to life without your family member – provided you can find it!

To help you track down your loved one’s Plano, TX life insurance policy, here is a quick guide.    

  • Look For Past Payment: One of the best places to start looking for your lost life insurance policy is in your loved one’s financial records. If he or she has had life insurance coverage in place, there will be some evidence of regularly paid premiums. Look at bank and credit card statements to start your search.
  • Use State Resources: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a location system that can help you get in touch with your state insurance department, who can help you find a company that sold your family member his or her life insurance policy.
  • Contact Your Contacts: Did your loved one have a financial adviser? Get in touch with him or her to see if he or she sold your family member a life insurance policy or has any information about this coverage. You can also contact your loved one’s workplace, as they will have information on a life insurance provided by their company if such coverage exists.

Of course, a policy would never get lost if your family’s insurance agency is keeping everything in order for you. To work with a team dedicated to helping you get the coverage you need when you need it most, contact Tri-Star Insurance Professionals. We serve families in Plano and the rest of Texas and are here to help you with all of your life insurance needs.