Here are some fun Thanksgiving Facts and Trivia You Didn’t Know About

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. While generally recognized as a national holiday where families and friends gather to sit down and enjoy a huge turkey with all the fixings, there’s actually a lot of trivia and history about the holiday that many of us may not be aware of.

The First Thanksgiving

Most of us know that the first thanksgiving took place in Plymouth, Mass. But an interesting fact is that the first thanksgiving actually lasted for three days.

Another interesting piece of trivia about that first meal is that the pilgrims didn’t use forks. Instead they ate that first meal using spoons, knives and their hands.

The First Thanksgiving Meal

Today when we sit down to a thanksgiving meal, we usually have a turkey, sweet potatoes, some fresh vegetables, salad, biscuits, dessert and whatever else we can afford to put on the dinner table.

Interesting bit of trivia is that’s probably not what was served at that first meal at Plymouth. Instead that dinner fare may have included rabbit, chicken, seafood including fish and lobster, dried fruits, chestnuts, hickory nuts, onions, squashes, and maple syrup and honey.

Some Thanksgiving History

  • When it came to the selection of a national bird for the United States, Ben Franklin’s choice was the turkey over the eagle.
  • Lincoln was the president who made a proclamation making the last Thursday of the month the day set aside for Thanksgiving.
  • The very first Macys Thanksgiving Day parade was celebrated in the 1920’s and is still a celebration carried on today.

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