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Tips and Tricks for Halloween Treats

Halloween is a time in which our children want to stuff their faces with candy and a time in which we try to stop them. 

Halloween is a great holiday. Who doesn’t like free chocolate? Kids (and adults) dress up as their favorite hero or villain and go house to house trying to collect as much candy as possible. We’ve all been there: after a successful night with our friends, we start stuffing our faces with everything we collected. Later that evening, our bodies, loaded with obscene amounts sugar it knows what to do with, will send us to the washroom where we will spend the night hugging the toilet. (Not that much different from an adult Halloween party, is it?)

  1. Say yes (to some) candy. Allowing your kids to have some candy is okay–it is Halloween after all. But now is a great time to teach them about moderation and the concept of delayed gratification. If they eat a little bit of candy now, they’ll have more candy later. As opposed to eating as much as they can at once, their candy supply will only last a few days at the most and they’ll have to wait a whole year for candy. Banning candy altogether can lead them to develop an unhealthy relationship with candy which could lead to obesity.
  2. Tiny treats for tiny tummies. Children don’t exactly know how their digestive system works yet, so giving them portions that fit their size is important. Otherwise, you’re going to have to get the Pepto Bismol out to avoid any unwanted accidents. A full-sized chocolate bar can have nearly half of their daily recommended levels of fat!

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