Hail Damaged Vehicles, Texas? You Need to Have Comprehensive Auto Insurance


If you live in Texas, you are certainly familiar with how much damage a hailstorm can do to your car. It only takes one hail stone to crack a windshield or ding your vehicle…and when it’s Texas hail, that windshield will be shattered and those dings are big ol’ dents! When the hail season hits, you need to be prepared for some damage. Repairing hail damage to your vehicles can be expensive and inconvenient. What’s worse, your auto insurance may not cover the repairs. Tri-Star Insurance provides all types of auto insurance coverage in the Metroplex area, including the comprehensive coverage you need to protect yourself from costly repairs caused by hail damage.

Your vehicle can be damaged from many sources other than a collision. Damages from forces of nature like flood, fire, wind and hail are covered by the addition of comprehensive insurance to your total auto coverage. Comprehensive insurance also protects you form losses due to theft, vandalism, falling glass and glass breakage.

  • What About Deductibles?

Like your liability and collision coverage, comprehensive auto insurance has a deductible amount that you are responsible for before the insurance company pays out any money. Your deductible also affects the amount of your premium. Generally, the higher your deductible, the lower your premium will be. Your insurance agent can help you determine the most appropriate deductible amount for your situation.

  • How Do I Make a Claim For Hail Damage?

When you carry your comprehensive insurance with an experienced insurance agency, filing a claim for hail damage, or any other damage, is easy. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call your agent. Depending on the amount of damage the vehicle has suffered, your insurance company may need an adjustor to come out and look the car over. It’s always a good idea to take photographs of the damage, just as a precautionary measure. The next step is usually getting an estimate for the cost of the repairs from a Donate a Car to Charity. Some insurance companies have a list of preferred shops that they like you to use, but you can generally choose the shop yourself and you can also choose not to have your vehicle repaired at all. Either way, you need an estimate from a legitimate repair shop on their company letterhead or invoice form.

  • How Important is it to Have Comprehensive Insurance?

If you live in Texas, it’s a simple fact that you are going to have to deal with hailstorms – and probably more than one in a lifetime. Even if you keep all of your vehicles garaged at home and at work, you are still exposed to the weather nearly any other time, and certainly while you are driving. It is not just a good idea to have comprehensive auto insurance in Texas; it just might be the most cost-effective decision about car insurance you will ever make.

The friendly, professional agents at Tri-Star Insurance are happy to help you with your comprehensive auto insurance needs today. Call today at 214-387-0600.

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