Follow These 3 Steps to Avoid Losing Your Security Deposit

Follow These 3 Steps to Avoid Losing Your Security Deposit

All it takes is a little careful planning and attention to detail, but you, too, can secure the return of your security deposit.

You’ve been paying rent to your landlord on time for many months, they don’t really bother you, and so you may think that you and your landlord are good buddies. And it may be the case, but your landlord may only be acting like that to keep you in the building and keep their steady supply of income coming. When you decide to move out, your landlord may do a 180 that rivals that of Tony Hawk’s: meaning that your past relationship may mean nothing when it comes to your security deposit. By taking these three crucial steps, you can increase your chances of receiving your security deposit back.

  1. Apartment Rental Inspection List

By filling out the checklist you are able to prove to any legal representative that you were not responsible for any damage that has occurred. Pay attention to anything that looks less than stellar, and take pictures to provide the most evidence possible. Be sure to have your landlord sign this document. (If you aren’t provided with one, you can find one here.)

  1. Read Your Lease

Your lease will tell you how much time you have to give your landlord before you move out. If your lease has an end date, you can simply move out the day before, but some leases automatically extend. If the latter fits your case, you need to give the proper notice otherwise risk breaking your contract and bidding your security deposit adieu.

  1. Take Pictures

Taking pictures before and after you move is a good idea to know if you are, in fact, responsible for the damage you are being accused of. The more evidence you have to build your case the better!

It’s important to take care of your apartment, and the best way you can do that—besides being Mr. Clean himself—is by purchasing a quality renters’ insurance policy. For answers to more questions you may have, contact Tri-Star Insurance Professionals. Our team of Texas insurance professionals will make sure that you are given the right coverage that fits your needs.