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Fire Prevention Strategies that All Homeowners Should Try

How homeowners can protect against fire risks.

As a homeowner, a household fire is one of the most serious and devastating events that you can face.  Not only do fires threaten the safety of your loved ones, but they can also cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of property damage.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to avoid a fire in your home.  Try out these suggestions to protect against fire risks.

  • Fireplace Accidents

Many homeowners forget to maintain their fireplaces throughout the year.  Unfortunately, this can cause flammable debris to build up in their fireplace and chimney.  This poses a serious fire risk for the home.  The best way to avoid this threat is by maintaining a regular chimney cleaning schedule and following proper fire-starting and extinguishing practices.

  • Electrical Fires

To prevent electrical fires in your home, you should replace any missing or broken wall plates, so you don’t leave wiring components exposed.  You should also avoid overloading wall outlets and power strips as this too could spark a fire.  Finally, watch out for appliances or electronics with frayed or cracked cords as this could pose a fire risk, especially if they are in contact with flammable items like carpeting or furniture.

  • Kitchen Fires

Most household fires break out in the kitchen.  To avoid kitchen fires, you should make sure to never leave your oven or stove unattended while cooking.  You should also install a smoke alarm in your kitchen, so you are immediately alerted if a fire breaks out.  Finally, you should keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen so you can quickly put out a cooking fire before it spreads.

Take these precautions to protect against fire risks in your home.  Remember, having the right homeowners insurance is another way to protect against fire damages.  For assistance with all your home coverage needs, contact the experts at Tri-Star Insurance/HUB International today.