Find Coverage That Matches Your Business

Find Coverage That Matches Your Business

Business insurance in Plano is something that needs to fit your business perfectly if you want it to properly cover your business from the risks it faces on an everyday basis. 

The kind of amount of insurance you need for a small business is based on a few variables. The primary ones being the kind of business you are in, where you are located, and if you have employees. Do you have business insurance that properly matches your business and can protect it from everyday perils? The size of your business can give you a good idea of the business insurance in Plano you need. Here are a few considerations you need to take if you want to find the perfect business insurance.

Small Business

Do you happen to know all of your employees by name? Does your business make less than a few million dollars every year? If yes, then you likely have a small business. The common small business insurance policy, often called a BOP (business owners policy), is available for businesses with fewer than 100 employees and revenues of up to $5 million or less.

Home-Based Business

There have been many successful businesses that started right in their home. A home-based business consists of one or no employees and makes relatively little revenue. Your homeowners insurance, however, will not protect your business-related things – even if the accident occurs in your home.
Home-based businesses are too big for normal small business insurance and typically need extra care when it comes to crafting your policy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half of all home-based businesses fail to carry adequate insurance for their business.

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