Ensure Your Halloween Is Full of Treats: Ten Tips for A Safe Halloween

Halloween should be a day remembered for the fun that it provides people of all ages, not an incident that lands a child or adult in the hospital or injured. Here are ten safety tips to make sure you have a great Halloween:
  • Only eat treats that are in factory-wrapped packages and have been inspected by a parent. 
  • Add reflection tape to your child’s bag and try to incorporate it, or reflective gear into his costume.
  • Stay on well-light streets and only go to homes which have porch lights.
  • Don’t enter homes or cars of unfamiliar people.
  • Wear flat shoes to avoid tripping when walking on sidewalks and driveways. 
  • Hem dresses and pants so that they don’t cause tripping. 
  • Trick or treat in groups and have a trusted adult follow along.
  • Use only soft, flexible costume props such as swords and knives to avoid injury. 
  • Test make up in a small area on the face, a few days in advance, to check for allergic reactions. 
  • Place flashlights or glow sticks in jack-o-lanterns to avoid potential fires. 
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