The Driver's Guide to Commercial Auto Insurance in Plano, TX

The Driver’s Guide to Commercial Auto Insurance in Plano, TX

As a business owner and automobile driver, you need to know when your car stops becoming a personal vehicle and becomes a vessel for business. 

If you are a business owner and, like most Americans, own a car, your insurance is not very straightforward; your personal auto insurance covers you if you are in an accident during a personal trip like picking up a pizza or driving to a concert. If you are driving for business purposes, however, your personal auto insurance is void and will not cover you. For this, a commercial auto insurance policy is required. But where is the line drawn between personal and commercial? Worry no more, for this is the Driver’s Guide to Commercial Auto Insurance in Plano, TX.

Driving to Meet Clients. 

Client meetings may be a part of your workday routine, but the fender bender on your way to meet one won’t be covered because the trip is business-related. Apart from cancelling your meeting, dealing with insurance companies is going to be a nightmare–especially if you hit a public transit vehicle. A quality commercial auto insurance policy, however, will cover you for these damages.

Employees Driving to Run Errands

This seems like a win-win scenario. You get to give employees a break from the office, and you don’t have to do much of anything. Only one problem: if they are to get into an accident, their insurance won’t cover them, and it will very likely be your business that’s held liable–even if they are driving their personal car. Again, a quality commercial auto insurance policy in Plano, TX, will give you the appropriate coverage. (Remember, personal cars stop being personal for business-related trips!)

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