Defensive Driving Tips for All Drivers, defensive driving strategies

Defensive Driving Tips for All Drivers

Here are some of the defensive driving strategies that will keep you safe.

Part of being a safe driver is knowing how to deploy defensive driving techniques while on the road. While every driving situation is different and requires its own unique course of action, there are some basic defensive driving techniques that you should apply every time you’re behind the wheel. Here are some of the defensive driving strategies that you should always employ.

  • Look Ahead

Many drivers get into the habit of looking directly in front of their vehicle as they drive. However, this habit prevents you from recognizing approaching hazards and may prevent you from taking the necessary defensive measures. In many cases, simply looking ahead and anticipating hazards can help you avoid getting into serious accidents.

  • Have an Escape Plan

In order to be a safe driver, it’s great to always have an escape plan. While you may be a good driver, you can’t always predict what others around you will do. As a driving emergency can unfold very quickly, it’s important that you always have a plan for getting out of a potentially dangerous situation. While this is generally a skill that develops over time, it’s something that you should always be thinking about so you can react appropriately when a situation arises.

  • Reduce Driving Distractions

Finally, you should do your best to stay focused while behind the wheel. This will allow you to notice hazards and react quickly enough to avoid a collision or other type of accident. To avoid driving distractions, keep your phone out of reach, keep your music turned down, and try to keep your passengers quiet and under control. This will allow you to direct your full attention to the task of driving.

These are some of the basic defensive driving strategies that all drivers should know.  Want another way to be a safe driver?  Then make sure you have the proper auto insurance protections in place.  For assistance with your insurance needs, contact the experts at Tri-Star Insurance/HUB International in Plano, Texas.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you the coverage that you need today.