commercial auto insurance in plano

What Is Covered in Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance in Plano can protect your business vehicles from business-related perils. 

Commercial vehicle insurance is required in order to protect your cars, trucks, and vans that help deliver your products and services. Businesses that range from home businesses to large ones need to buy a proper commercial auto insurance to offer a financial shield when it comes to paying for the damages incurred in the accident. But what does commercial auto insurance in Plano cover?

What is commercial auto insurance? 

Commercial auto insurance in Plano is a policy that covers physical damage and liability coverage for situations, usage, and coverages that are not protected by personal auto insurance. This kind of business insurance covers a wide variety of vehicles like sedans, vans, and trucks.

What is covered by commercial auto insurance?

  • Bodily injury liability – Pays for bodily injury or death from an accident for which you are at fault.
  • Property damage liability – Provides protection if your vehicle causes damage to another person’s vehicle.
  • Personal injury coverage – Pays for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers in your vehicle during the accident.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage – Pay for the injuries of the driver and passengers if the other driver who caused the accident is uninsured or underinsured.
  • Comprehensive physical damage  – Pays for damage done to your vehicle from theft, flood, vandalism, fire, and covered non-traffic perils.
  • Collision coverage – Covers expenses when your vehicle hits or is hit by another vehicle.

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