Commercial Insurance Plano TX

Is Your Insurance Keeping Up With Your Success?

Safeguarding Your Growing Business

Growth in your business is exciting. You have worked hard to get to where you are today, and it is extremely satisfying to see all of your labors begin to bear fruit. Your insurance coverage should also grow with your business, ensuring that you have the protection you need for every area, even new ones. Here are a few changes that should cause you to review your coverage.

  • Establishing A Board Of Directors: Your board of directors increases your exposure to risk. Carry liability insurance to protect your business from the expense associated with any legal issues that could arise if one of the members of your board missteps. Do not let a moment of foolishness from one of the people on your board leave you facing an expensive court battle; carry liability insurance for them.
  • Buying A Property: If you are making the move from renting to owning your business property, you should reassess your property insurance. When you do so, bear in mind that there are things your landlord used to pay for (e.g. maintenance, signage) that will now be your financial responsibility. Make sure you have the right level of property insurance to protect your business in your new space.
  • Changing How You Use Your Vehicles: Whether your employees are driving further or more frequently or you are having more employees use company cars, it is important to update your coverage to reflect this information. Failing to change your commercial auto insurance could result in you being denied coverage when you need it.

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