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Insurance for Your Commercial Vehicles

As a business owner, the safety and well-being of your company is your number one priority. Commercial Automobile Insurance will offer you the security and happiness in knowing all your company-owned vehicles, including vehicles that are rented, loaned, or leased for business purposes, are protected.

Typical Coverage for Business Vehicle Insurance includes:

  • Liability Coverage – When your company-owned cars are in an accident. This will protect you from any accusations that you or the employee driving the car is legally liable for property damage and bodily injury.
  • Medical Payments – This protection with cover the medical expenses of the driver and any passengers in the vehicle if the company-owned vehicle is struck by another car.
  • Collision – This will cover the damages of your company-owned vehicle if the car is in an accident with another vehicle or with a stationary object including: a building, telephone pole, tree, or guardrail.
  • Comprehensive – This will protect your company-owned vehicle from damage caused by fire, lightning, theft, hail, vandalism, and flood.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – This will offer you protection in cases where the person you get in an accident with does not have auto insurance are an insufficient amount of auto insurance to cover the damages and medical expenses.
  • Lost Wages for Accident Victims – Depending on the coverage options you choose to cover your Business Vehicle Insurance policy, this coverage will reimburse you and any victims of the accident for their lost income caused by the accident.
  • Liability Coverage for Business Use of Your Employees’ Cars – If any of your employees use their own cars to perform their work duties, you will need to attain this insurance coverage. This will protect you from enduring the costs of legal representation if the injured employee decides to sue you for the damages or injuries caused by an accident.

At Tri-Star Insurance Professionals, Inc. we strive to provide your company with custom business vehicle insurance plans that will best meet the unique needs of your business. Contact our agency for all of your company-owned vehicle insurance needs.

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