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Choose the Right Business Insurance

The right business insurance in Plano, TX is essential to every business in order to be financially protected in case an incident occurs. 

Starting a new business takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Your business is comprised of you, your employees, four walls, the equipment, and everything else that lies in between. Without the right business insurance, that hard work can all be for naught as a lawsuit could force you to close your door for good. Make sure that your new venture along with the time and effort you’ve invested is protected by choosing the right business insurance in Plano, TX.

How to Choose the Right Business Insurance

The General Categories

  • Business liability insurance – Protects your business from having to pay medical and court fees if a third party injures themselves on your property.
  • Business property insurance – Reimburses your business if your commercial property is damaged or destroyed. The damage is only covered if the cause of the destruction is a covered damage.
  • Business umbrella insurance – Covers and extends your business for losses above the limit of your existing business insurance. It may also extend coverage for any gaps in your coverage.
  • Commercial auto insurance – If your business relies on transportation, this policy covers your business cars should they get into an accident. It also covers you and your employees for driving your personal car for business-related purposes–say, driving to a meeting or shopping for office essentials.

For more information about the right business insurance for your business, contact Tri-Star Insurance Professionals. Our team of Texas insurance professionals can look at your particular business in Plano, TX or the surrounding area to custom-tailor the most competitively priced coverage for your organizational needs. For all of your Plano-area business insurance needs, call us today!