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Hitting the Roads in Texas: Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

<![CDATA[As you plan your family travels, thoughts of relaxation and faraway destinations are probably foremost on your mind. To avoid the hassle and expense of airport travel, renting a car and driving to a nearby vacation spot is an attractive alternative. However, there are certain responsibilities to take into account when traversing the open road. As we all know, driving can be dangerous, so you may want to consider the need to purchase car insurance for rental cars. It may not always be necessary to buy extra coverage when you already have an auto insurance policy that is Read Full Post

Home-Based Business Insurance in DFW

<![CDATA[Did you know that your homeowner’s insurance policy is unlikely to protect your home-based business? Tri-Star Insurance knows. It’s estimated that more than half of home-based business owners are underinsured and the Independent Insurance Agents of America say that nearly 40% of those they surveyed are uninsured primarily because they thought their homeowner’s policy covered their business. Insurance can be expensive, but not having insurance is an unacceptable position for your home-based business. TriStar Insurance understands how to protect your valuable business Read Full Post