Back To School Safety Tips

When summer comes to an end, it means it’s time to go back to school! Back to school means new friends, teachers, and maybe a new school, but for parents it signals a time to update your child on school and transportation safety. There are several safety tips that you can follow in order to protect your children during the school year.

One major concern that many parents have is transportation safety. For the children who have to ride the bus to and from school, there are a few safety precautions that parents, as well as children, can take. Transportation safety includes children who walk to school and ride their bikes. If you have a child that is walking to school, make sure that they are walking with a group of children with an adult present. You should always walk on the sidewalk, and if a sidewalk is unavailable, you need to walk facing traffic.

If you have a child that is riding their bike to school, make sure that they always wear their helmet and that it fits correctly. The helmet should fit low on your forehead. You should be able to fit two fingers between the helmet and your child’s forehead. Before you let your child ride their bike to and from school, make sure that they are aware of the rules of the road.

For children who are riding the school bus, make sure that they are standing on the sidewalk and not in the road and make sure that the bus driver can see them. If you have younger children, kindergarten age or 1st or 2nd grade ages, you may want to stand outside with them and teach them how to correctly get on the bus a few times.

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